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This is ACTE Group software distribution website, which allows faculty, staff and students to purchase software at significant discounts off standard retail prices.

Please note that the pricing provided on this site is made available exclusively through an agreement between your academic institution and select software publishers.

Please follow these steps (make use of the HELP tab above on your screen as necessary).

1. Click on one of the products you wish to order and add it to your cart.

2. Enter the requested information in order to register on the site.

3. Once you have entered your account details an email will be sent to your work email address including a verification link.

4. Once your details are verified, you will have your own account and will be able to access details for payment, download and license keys etc.

5. The download will be an image file that you will need to burn to DVD or USB stick – with the exception of Office which can automatically download and install onto your device.

6. The software may then be installed on your home computer.

Remember to make use of the HELP tab above if you require further detail on these steps or contact Kivuto through the Contact Us button at the base of the page.

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